1. How much it costs per sub?


$20 one time, but you can buy multiple times upto 10 positions per day in any phases max 1 per hour upto 24 hours in a day. For Every $20 Kick Starter Sub Activated You get 200 website login views


2. During PRE-BUY phase how many positions you can buy in each phase of the subscription matrix?


You can only buy 1 in each sub matrix during pre buy phase and after launch all earnings and commissions accumulate in your backoffice. All subs purchases can be bought only from 1st phase $20 Daily Sub2X2 Splitter Booster plan and no higher plans can be bought directly.


3. Why PRE-BUY positions opened before launch?


In respect to the promoters, leaders, marketers and all interested who actively participate when they initially prelaunch the campaign needs to be in the system right on the time so no one looses their valuable positions as they join. The other fact is the coding and script can be broken in case of heavy purchases on subs happening at same time during launch.


4. Is sponsoring compulsory? Is this company forced straightline cycles?


No, Sponsoring not required. We are operating in company forced straightline concept with unique substantial features into the matrix recycles.


5. What is PAY-IT-FORWARD (PIF)?


PAY-IT-FORWARD (PIF) means you can pay for your referrals from your backoffice

Click 'downline' details status 'PIF' and when you click it you will see message
You are about to Pay it Forward for one of your Team Members.
Your account will be charged $ 20.000000 for this PIF"

click 'purchase'

That is it done your referral subscription is activated!


6. What is Global PIF Pool?


Global PIF Pool, GPP is added to back office now everyone can buy referrals, if members / referrals have not upgraded for 48 hours they will appear in global pif pool, anyone can buy these referrals under their downline.


7. What is Cash Wallet, Sub Wallet and Repurchase Wallet?


Cash Wallet only cash deposits and withdrawals
Sub Wallet when subs activated the daily deductions take place.
Repurchase wallet for automatic repurchases only in $20 kick starter plan when it reaches $20 system automatically buys itself


8. What are the advertising products offered?


Login Ad as products login ad 7 second timer, You get 200 website login views. But we will add 2 more advertising modules as we progress after launch.


9. What are A2IC Pool funds?


A2IC Pool funds are maintained in a separate company wallet for programs longevity will be used only for website development and longevity of the program. We are not touching A2IC Pool funds for our personal use or purposes.


10. How repurchase wallet works?


Repurchase wallet only applicable for1st $20 Daily Sub2X2 Splitter BOOSTER PLAN, no others plans you can buy using repurchase wallet. When balance reaches $20 you can buy 1st plan only.


11. 2FA Mobile Authenticator compulsory?


We highly recommend activating mobile 2fa authenticator everytime you login you enter the code from your mobile and you can login. We are not responsible if you are not activating 2fa authenticator and your funds get stolen we are not responsible in anyway. Keep in mind create unique passwords and use random passwords with unique combinations of letters,numbers,@%^, added etc always.


12. Which email provider you recommend?


Gmail is the best and always has been.


13. What is minimum cashout?


$10 minimum cashout. All Payouts are paid instantly.


14. Which crypto currency is accepted?


Bitcoin accepted via coinpayments ( Fully verified and Approved ).